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A 55330 retirement community, or 55330 55+ retirement communities both refer to a variety of 55330 55+ communities or living options that are made for people who are over a certain age and don't work. Not the same as a retirement home, which usually consists of just one building, 55330 retirement communities and 55330 retirement homes can be more of a group of structures and complexes with open social areas. Most 55330 retirement community homes or a 55330 retirement village are constructed with the thought in mind of offering seniors such things as swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses.

55330 senior retirement communities or 55330 adult retirement communities may have age restrictions so everyone in the residence has to be over the age of 55. Many retirement communities are constructed in southern states such as Florida, Arizona, and California. But more recently, 55330 Retirement Living and 55330 retirement apartments are often built near large cities. Also states have created certified 55330 retirement centers community programs and 55330 retirement facility community programs to encourage economic development for seniors who are retired.

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