Fabulous Senior Living Care in the Emerald City

According to CNN Money, Seattle (Washington) is one of the best cities in the United States to retire. Washington is a no-income tax state so the reason for the allure of the Emerald City is understandable. But there are plenty of other reasons for seniors preferring to live here. Seattle is a breathtakingly beautiful place—the towering peaks of Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountain Range flank the city while the pristine sands of the Golden Gardens Park make for a perfect getaway in the midst of this urban landscape. And the most noteworthy sites to see is the public transportation network. The Seattle StreetCar system, the Rail Transit, the Metro Transit system, and the Washington State ferry network ensure that you can easily get around the city even without a car.

A City of Athletes
The above reasons make it easy to understand why Seattle is so preferred by the elderly. And of course, the presence of many Seattle assisted living and independent retirement communities greatly influences their decision to relocate or stay on. It probably does not hurt to some that Seattle has two gorgeous and prolific stadiums as well. One of them is for the Seattle Mariners and the other is for the Seattle Seahawks. So for any elderly that enjoy sports, well, here are two major reasons Seattle has it going on. There are also major sporting events and things going on at the Univ. of Washington as well. The Univ. of Washington is a major college in Seattle and they are called the Huskies.

Search and Find
There are many retirement communities in Seattle where you can live independently like Queen Anne Manor or Merrill Gardens in West Seattle at extremely affordable monthly rates. What is more, if you look around, you will also find ones that accept long term care insurance and veteran’s benefits, like the many 55+ communities in and around 98033.

Special Cases
There are many pretty neighborhoods in Seattle and you will be sure to find an assisted living facility in and around 98047 that will be able to aptly cater to the needs of those suffering from debilitating medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia that impair the ability to carry on with the day-to-day functions of life. You can also look for communities that provide memory and respite care in 98006.

Close to the Border
If you have never lived in Seattle, then you will find this beautiful, peaceful, and massive city just the ideal place to spend your sunset years. It does rain a lot but you have plenty of fresh water. It is America’s largest city in the Northwest and also not that far away from Canada’s gorgeous Lake Victoria and another huge city in Vancouver.