Senior Living in Harmony in Miami, FL

Miami is synonymous with its magnificent tropical weather, the bounty of nature and myriad beaches. The city offers a variety of fun activities and healthy programs for seniors above the age of 55. Retirement signifies the beginning of a new phase in your life and activities can ensure that you enjoy it to the fullest. Miami is the perfect city for seniors who wish to enjoy independence to the fullest. Stay in shape and stay healthy in Miami!

Plenty to Do
There are plenty of Miami senior living facilities that will allow you to enjoy the best of secured living while you indulge in park walks throughout Miami-Dade County. Adult programs include senior-specific fitness classes and sports centers as well as many artistic activities such as painting and playing with ceramics. Parks such as Oak Grive, Arcola Lakes, Rockway, and North Glade offer plenty of fun activities for seniors who can then return to Miami independent living communities and Miami retirement communities at the end of the day.

A Sports Haven
Miami is a sports mecca. From the Univ. of Florida Hurricanes to the Miami Heat, this city is loaded. The Miami Marlins has a new baseball stadium that is spectacular.

Choosing one of the 33157 independent living communities to spend your golden years in is an outstanding option for seniors who want to enjoy their freedom doing the things that they love such as basking by the pool, playing card games with friends, and enjoying backyard barbeques in the amazing Miami weather (the summers are pretty warm though, you should know this). There are also plenty of 33313 assisted living facilities for seniors who want to keep living in the same home as the days go by and their needs increase.

All Branches
Alzheimer’s skilled nursing homes and 33351 memory care communities offer Respite Care and companionship for Alzheimer’s patients. Everything that you or your loved ones might need will be available within the premises. High security standards mean no instances of wandering. Enjoy the benefits of living in a community that feels just like home. Some 33319 retirement communities also accept long term care insurance and veteran’s benefits as a form of payment. It does not matter if you served in the navy or the air force or both, there is a splendid community waiting for you in Miami.