Senior Care Options in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento enjoys plenty of sunshine and offers those seeking senior care near Sacramento a warm, caring, and comfortable lifestyle. There are plenty of activities and options available for seniors looking for a terrific retirement communities in Sacramento to settle in. While the cost of living is slightly above the national average, the mild winters and hot dry summers are a fantastic incentive to live here.

Outdoor Activities
Retired people who enjoy the outdoors should explore independent living in Sacramento. Here, one can spend more time outdoors enjoying hobbies such as gardening, bicycling, swimming, hiking, or just lazing about soaking in the sun. Sacramento has all 4 seasons and the weather is phenomenal. This is a wonderful location to retire in but not to work. The taxes are high, the city is bankrupt, and it is politically mismanaged. Jobs continue to leave this area for more business friendlier climates such as Texas and Arizona. So if you can earn a wonderful living in another state that is business friendly and return to Sacramento for retirement purposes, you pretty much have made the best of both worlds.

Wellness Programs
The city offers many wellness programs for seniors to keep active and fit. These include yoga and Tai Chi apart from more traditional activities such as strength and weight training. Besides, seniors can opt for special swimming classes, women-only classes, as well as classes for seniors suffering from arthritis.

Budget-Friendly Activities
Those seniors who are on a budget can still benefit from choosing assisted living facilities in Sacramento, CA, since they can enjoy free art walks, nature walks, street events in Old Sacramento that bring back the days of the Gold Rush and the wild, wild west, and more.

Shopping Centers
Sacramento, CA has plenty of shopping facilities and malls. Whether you want a discount center or high-end fashion outlets, Sacramento will offer you plenty of choice. Besides, there are themed tourist-oriented retail and service centers for those who enjoy the bright lights of a retail outlet. For those seniors who would like a day out to indulge in some retail therapy, Sacramento ensures well-connected, easily accessible malls, and community centers. Arden Mall is still fabulous and the Roseville Galleria is stunning.

Recreation Facilities
Seniors who are active and want to enjoy an active lifestyle in their retirement years will find that Sacramento is a great place to take nature walks, go boating, visit museums, spend time in parks and gardens, or bicycle on the American River Bike Trail. Currently though the NBA team that calls Sacramento home, is struggling and the arena is one of the worst in the league. The good thing is, the A’s Triple AAA affiliate, the Sacramento River Cats, have an outstanding stadium that you can enjoy.

Variety of Facilities
Senior care facilities now encompass a variety of services that include assisted living, dementia care, nursing help, help with daily chores, and more. Sacramento, CA nursing homes has plenty of options in senior care to ensure that those who want to retire here can find a place that suits all their needs. Whether you are looking for a place for yourself or a loved one, Sacramento can provide a comfortable solution to all your senior care needs.