Super Foods: A Guide for Seniors

Senior super food start
As we grow older, it becomes increasingly important to make healthy food choices. Energy levels, weight control and proper digestion are just a few things that depend on us eating right. Feeling super starts with eating super.

Counting Calories
It’s important to eat foods that properly nourish your body without adding unwanted calories. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and other foods will add “punch” instead of pounds! With a superfood-rich diet, the only fat you really need to worry about is the good kind: Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in avocados, kale and salmon.
Benefits for Your Whole Body
Eating the right foods has a positive impact not just on your waistline but on your heart, digestive system, bones, immune system and more. Did you know that pumpkin seeds, for instance, are good for your heart? That pomegranates fight LDL or bad cholesterol? And that the high fiber found in steelcut oats and flaxseed has a positive effect on blood sugar levels in diabetics?

Helpful Hints
Flaxseed should be ground to get the most benefits from this super food. Olive oil offers the greatest health benefits in its first year; after that, it loses its potency. Juiced and cooked spinach has more nutrients than raw spinach–and all you need is one cup to keep your immune system strong. Continue reading