4 Differences Between Dementia and Delirium

Dementia and delirium. They’re two words that are commonly used interchangeably to describe any sort of altered or confused mental state. However, while this may be common, it’s not necessarily correct. In fact, dementia and delirium are two very different phenomenons with distinctly different characteristics. So, today, we’re exploring the discrepancies between them that you […]

4 Tips For Dealing With Dementia

One of my mom’s favorite things to say is, “Getting older isn’t for sissies.” And, it’s true. Reaching the senior years comes with its fair share of challenges. Graying hair, aches and pains—and perhaps most difficult of all—in some cases, dementia. Physical changes that come with aging are anticipated. But, when mental sharpness begins to […]

What Is The Sandwich Generation?

Millennials. Baby Boomers. Those are common generational labels you’re used to hearing about. But, the sandwich generation? Well, that’s probably not quite as familiar. And, no, it doesn’t refer to a generation that lived off of just sandwiches (although, honestly, that doesn’t sound half bad). If you’ve heard the term before and have only been […]

6 Important Caregiver Duties

When it comes to the well-being and health of elderly clients, being a caregiver is an undeniably important job. Although the term “caregiver” likely immediate inspires visions of duties and responsibilities that are more healthcare related, there’s much more involved with being a caregiver for elderly patients. Here are six duties that virtually any caregiver […]

What To Say To Someone Who Is Dying

None of us believe that we will live forever. We accept death as a fact that we cannot change, and we know that there will come a time when our loved ones will also have to face death. Confronting this loss is a challenge for those who will be left behind, but we sometimes forget […]

What does it all mean? A Guide to Senior Living

Some of the hardest decisions that we have to make in life involve the long term care of the people who we love the most. Medical science, education, and a greater emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle has caused a steady increase in life expectancy. While this means we are living longer and enjoying a greater […]