What does it all mean? A Guide to Senior Living

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Some of the hardest decisions that we have to make in life involve the long term care of the people who we love the most. Medical science, education, and a greater emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle has caused a steady increase in life expectancy. While this means we are living longer and enjoying a greater quality of life, it also increases the chance that professional senior care becomes a necessity. Call it an addition to the modern circle of life.

Senior centers exist to provide the care that is needed to assure that people can continue to enjoy the greatest possible quality of life, despite whatever disabilities or medical needs they may have. The problem, however, is in deciding what type of center will best serve their needs. That is why we have put together this guide, to assist you in making those difficult choices Continue reading

Outstanding Choices in Terms of Assisted Living Care in St. Louis

Retirement years should be peaceful and hassle free. Controlling your living expenses by choosing to take advantage of St Louis, MO’s assisted living care communities can help you find the funds for other activities. The cost of living in St. Louis is substantially lower than the national average. The climate in this fantastic mid-western city offers plenty of variety since it has hot & humid summers, a mild fall, cold and snowy winters, with temperatures often going below freezing. The city is also on the path of winter storms and damaging tornadoes that can strike in the summer.

Seniors opting to stay in St Louis, MO and avail of its senior living services can enjoy plenty of things to do that suit their tastes. For instance, most people enjoy going up the Gateway Arch for the spectacular view. One way you can see over the mighty Mississippi River and the other way the outstanding St. Louis skyline and the magnificent new baseball stadium. History buffs can take a ride on a replica of 19th Century paddle wheel boat down the Mississippi and enjoy a narration of historic events in the area.

St. Louis, MO, offers an excellent nightlife for those seniors who want to live life to the fullest. The city offers bars, clubs, and casinos for those who want them.

Animal lovers can visit the St. Louis zoo for an up-close view of their favorite animals. Other seniors who would like to spend time outdoors after taking advantage of the elderly community offered by St Louis Alzheimer’s care can visit the Forest Park which offers a variety of attractions such as Jewel Box, a golf course, and walking and bike riding paths. You can also visit the botanical gardens to enjoy the sight of exotic plants.

Outdoor Art
Seniors who would love to combine their love for art with their enjoyment of the sunshine can visit the Citygarden, the Laumeier Sculpture Park, and Chesterfield for tremendous exhibits of outdoor art.

Opting for St. Louis, MO independent living will allow you to enjoy the many fine dining places and authentic local cuisine for the foodie in you.

The city has plenty of museums that allow you to explore old interests or form new ones. Whether you are interested in religion or science, St. Louis offers the right museum to expand your understanding. And of course there are plenty of churches to satisfy your denomination which is extremely important to many, certainly as you grow older.

Variety of Services
Seniors who are planning to use St Louis, MO nursing homes should explore the various options available to them. You can choose from a personal grooming category, help with Alzheimer’s or dementia, or nursing care, for yourself or a loved one depending on your specific needs.

Benefit from Portland, OR, Senior Care Facilities

When it comes to retirement, people have to take many factors into consideration. You can choose to benefit from Portland, OR, retirement communities and enjoy the amenities of the City of Roses if you have sufficient funds. This is because the cost of living here is more that 15 percent higher than the national average.

Mild Weather
For those who can afford to enjoy the Portland, OR home care communities, the fresh water and incredible fresh air make it an ideal place to settle down in your elderly years. The city experiences occasional snow fall in the winter, to ensure that you enjoy the sights of winter without getting snowed in. It does rain a lot but this rain insures the trees and plants are always green which means the air quality in this city is exceptional.

Access to Variety of Experiences
Portland, OR, is a fantastic and tremendous location for nursing home communities since the city provides easy access to the coast, skiing, stellar vineyards, and farms for those who still want to get up and get out.

Plethora of Festivals
The city of Portland, OR, will enable the retired people to partake in community events through the many festivals held throughout the year. Those deciding to use Portland, OR independent living services can look forward to the Fertile Ground Festival, Jazz Festival, Comedy Festival, Rose Festival, Waterfront Blues Festival, Wordstock, and Filmmaker’s Festival. The ethnically diverse population provides opportunities to form friendships with people from varied backgrounds.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities
Whether you enjoy spending time outdoors or soaking up on cultural experiences, Portland, OR, offers plenty of choices. Those seniors who want to remain physically active can visit the Columbia River Gorge, Oneonta Gorge, International Rose Test Garden, Willamette Valley, Washington Park, Forest Park, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Japanese Garden, and the Chinese Garden.

Interested seniors can take bicycle tours, use the pool at U.S. Grant Park, or the indoor swimming pool at Matt Dishman Community Center to ensure that they receive some enjoyable physical exercise.

Others who are using assisted living communities in Portland, OR and want to enrich their lives can spend time at the Museum of Science and Industry, Living Room Theater, Portland Art Museum, and the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

Shopping & the Pro Sports
Portland, OR, offers the interested and motivated senior several outstanding and fantastic shopping choices. One of them is the Pearl District that has unique shops, boutiques, as well as the latest fashions and after this they can head over to watch the Portland Trailblazers play that evening. Their arena is magnificent and you can see the best of what the NBA has to offer throughout the season there. In addition, you can continue to shop here in the different stores inside this high tech arena.

Levels of Care
All those opting for Portland, OR Alzheimer’s care services will not require the same levels of assistance. While some only require help with housework or a concierge service, others are battling debilitative conditions and require intensive assistance. There are plenty of options available for seniors to choose from, to enable them to lead independent, active, and healthy lives in mind, body, and spirit.

Orlando, FL Senior Living Care Options

Orlando is a city that is blessed with fabulous weather and glorious sunny days. Tourists love Orlando, and why shouldn’t they? After all, Orlando is home to the famous Walt Disney World! Colorful sights of Walt Disney, Sea World, and the well-known Universal Studios appeal to tourists from all over the world. While millions of tourists flit in and out of the city, there are even more people who choose to stick around and call Orlando their home.

A City for the Ages
Seniors will find a welcoming home in Orlando owing to the fact that there is so much to look forward to in this area. Activities are always an option for seniors who can spend their golden years enjoying golf, tennis, and other fun things to do with a group of friends in tow. There are plenty of Orlando senior care facilities and Orlando independent living communities that offer seniors the specific kind of care that they are seeking. You can choose to stay at one of the many 32714 independent living facilities or opt for Orlando assisted care homes that will meet all your needs over the course of many years.

Professional Sports
Do you enjoy basketball or live sports? Orlando is home to the Orlando Magic so after you walk away from fairy tale land such as Disneyland or Universal Studios, you can see something real! You can also see minor league baseball in Orlando and see some future major league talent on the cheap.

Comfortable Living & Fine Dining
The winters are warm here and this makes it one of the perfect places for senior citizens to enjoy an active retirement lifestyle here by choosing one of the economical 32765 assisted living care homes. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients plenty of extra attention & security and Alzheimer’s skilled nursing homes in Orlando offer memory care and respite care options. There are other 32708 retirement communities that accept long term care insurance and veteran’s benefits as payment as well. What else are you looking for? How about delicious seafood? Well, Orlando has that too in abundance.

No Rush
Living in Orlando can be a dream for any senior but the fact is that there are many options to choose from when it comes to location as well as facilities offered. Look through all the options carefully.

Tampa, FL Senior Living Options

Designated as one of the most livable places in the United States, Tampa is a multi-cultural and welcoming city with plenty to offer to the young and the old. Over the years, the low cost of living has made it an attractive place for newcomers. Retirement life in Tampa will be active, fun, and vibrant. With miles and miles of the most beautiful beaches stretching out in front of you, there will always be something to do at Tampa. When it comes to Tampa senior living options, there are plenty to choose from.

Stretching Your Legs or just Relaxing
Before you make a choice between Tampa senior care facilities, it is important to know that what a Tampa assisted living community or a Tampa independent living community has to offer. There are plenty of 33618 assisted living communities that offer a great mix of privacy and independence. You can even choose to take a tour of the retirement community before you zero in on the one you want to call home. In Tampa assisted living homes, you will have the comfort of knowing that you can get as little or as much help as you need in your daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, medication, ambulation, and grooming.

Plenty of Fishing & Sports
Tampa is home to the NFL’s Buccaneers is quite proud to have a presence in such a wonderful city. Around the turn of this century, they even won a Super Bowl. There is plenty of fishing to do in North Florida as well. It does not matter if you care for fresh water or salt water fishing, this area has both. You can take nature hikes in every season although it is pretty warm in the summer time. Well, that is why they make swimming pools and Mother Nature gave us the Gulf of Mexico.

33701 independent living retirement communities are the perfect choice for seniors who want to put their dancing shoes on in their golden years! With on-site salons, movies, barber shops, and fitness centers, you will be ready for all activities like art classes, fishing, music shows, and more.

What a Wonderful World
Alzheimer’s patients need a lot of added attention and care. 34698 assisted and Alzheimer’s living communities offer Memory Care and Respite Care along with a variety of enrichment programs that will keep the patients connected with their peers and busy with day to day activities. Make your choice after considering all your options.

Senior Living Options in Columbia, SC

The largest city in South Carolina, Columbia is also the capital city of the state. The low cost of living here makes it a very attractive option for those who wish to move out of bigger metros and more expensive states. CNNMoney.com has named Columbia one of the 25 best places to retire in America. It is also known for being one of the most affordable places to enjoy life after retirement. This city is not all about the economy though; Columbia has plenty to offer to visitors, tourists, and residents alike. Spend a day by the beach or in one of the low country parks like Finlay Park, Memorial Park, and Granby Park that dot this city to enjoy the best that nature has to offer!

Beautiful Area and People
Seniors who choose Columbia senior living facilities and options will love the warm weather and the southern hospitality that permeates the fabric of this state.

There are many Columbia assisted living options to choose from so that you don’t have to move homes repeatedly in the sunset years of your life. Choose from one of the 29206 senior assisted living facilities or affordable 29169 assisted living options to enjoy the best quality of life after retirement.

Awesome Weather
You cannot beat the weather in South Carolina. The winters are cold but not fierce and you do not have to worry about being boxed in with 10 foot snow drifts. The summers are warm and there is some humidity but oh well, you can beat that by remaining inside. On the bright side, the warmer weather does not bother older people like it does younger ones. You will be relaxing here anyhow; this is not a training camp of some sort!

Plenty of Sports
Alzheimer’s patients have a variety of Columbia Alzheimer’s care and skilled nursing home options. Get the best of Memory Care and Respite Care at 29229 Alzheimer’s care retirement communities in Columbia, SC. On-site nurses and 24 hour care will ensure that you have all the amenities that you need to make your life comfortable. You can also see some big time sports at USC and watch some outstanding minor league baseball.

Living in Style and Comfort
For those seniors who wish to continue living the upbeat lifestyle that they have always enjoyed, Columbia Independent living facilities offer a world of options. These 29204 retirement communities take care of all your needs and offer you the comfort and security you need while you enjoy the beautiful weather and indulge in your favorite activities.

Baltimore, MD Senior Living Care Assistance and Options

Maryland is often called ‘America in Miniature’ and the city of Baltimore is its pride and joy. Baltimore is a big city but it is also one of the most affordable cities in the East Coast. This is one of the reasons why people all over the country consider a move to a city like Baltimore. The land of Chesapeake Bay crab houses and row houses with marble steps, Baltimore has plenty to offer to anyone. Seniors will find this city warm and welcoming with plenty of Baltimore senior assisted living options and Baltimore senior care facilities to choose from.

A Wonderful Location
There are a variety of senior living options like Baltimore assisted living residences and retirement communities. The best thing about choosing Baltimore senior living homes is that the active lifestyle that people may have maintained before moving to Maryland will continue here. There is plenty to do in Baltimore and when you are surrounded by other seniors in their golden years, you will have the company of like-minded individuals to enjoy your sunset years with.

The Choices are Impressive
For seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, there are plenty of 21211 senior assisted living care options that offer respite care and memory care. You can also choose 21044 retirement communities like continuing care retirement community (CCRC) homes to stay in. Some 21401 senior living assistance residential communities also accept long term care insurance as well as veteran’s benefits.

Religious Privacy and Freedom
Moving homes at any age requires a lot of thought, research, and assistance. For seniors, this is even truer. Whether you are choosing to move to Baltimore senior care facilities so that you can enjoy getting back to learning, be a part of clubs and live a spiritual and enriched lifestyle or you want to move an elderly relative to a Baltimore senior assisted living facility so they receive the best care and comfort standards, it is a choice to make after researching all possible options.

Senior Living Options in this Fabulous Northeastern City

Boston, one of the oldest cities in the United States, is regarded by CNN Money and AARP The Magazine, as one of the best places to retire in the country. The historic city retains its old world charm and yet there is no dearth of recreational opportunities here-the nature enthusiasts can enjoy their tryst with the myriad facets of Mother Nature at the Boston Nature Center and the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard while the sports buffs can revel in the great sporting tradition of the city. It is too bad the Boston Red Sox traded Manny Ramirez and a shame he did not finish his career with that team. This is what is meant by sporting tradition in Boston. From the Celtics to the Red Sox, you have it all in Boston.

Boston is Spectacular
Boston is also one of the healthiest cities in the country with less-than-average rates of smoking and obesity and consequently, a low rate of mortality from heart disease. That there are many physicians and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and hospitals in Boston also help matters. In Boston, state taxes are not levied on most payments from public pension funds. Thus those who have retired from government or military service especially favor Boston as the place to spend their final years breathing earth’s air.

Red Sox Looking Up
Many seniors are also lured to the city by the many Boston senior living communities  that afford opportunities to live in a way that appeals to them. There is one thing that does bother some people who know Boston or live there and that is the Patriots, their football team. Is Tom Brady really a superb QB or is it just the system he plays under and how badly does their coach, Bill Bellichick spy on other teams? Besides this, Boston is outstanding and the Red Sox will have some serious money in the offseason to bolster their team’s core.

Looking for a Wonderful Home
There are many assisted living communities in Boston where seniors suffering from memory disorders that impair their capability to carry out the tasks of a daily life are well taken care of. For instance, you can search for such memory care facilities in and around 01807 or specialized respite care communities in 01704, either for yourself or a loved one.

Fully Covered
There are also many independent living communities in and around 01841 where residents can choose to live the way they prefer and yet be assured in the knowledge that help is always at hand. Many 55+ communities in Boston also provide such amazing facilities. And there are some communities like The Gables at Winchester that also accept long term care insurance.

All the Way to the Glorious End
Whatever neighborhood you may want to stay in Boston, you will be sure to find a senior care community that will suit your tastes without being a massive pinch on your pocket.

Senior Living Facilities in the Windy City

What is it about Chicago that blows away (Chicago is the windiest city in the world, but the pun is unintentional) the minds of our seniors? The city consistently makes it to the annual lists of the best places to retire in the United States, drawn up by AARP the Magazine.

Too Much Talking
It is actually called the windy city because of the historically corrupt politicians there who are constantly talking but nothing ever seems to happen. Chicago is an amazing city but nevertheless, it is being mismanaged and it is bankrupt.

Too Much to Do
Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the country and thus expectedly has all the amenities generally found in such places—an excellent public transportation system that makes getting around the city easy even without a car, a state-of-the-art healthcare system, and ample recreational opportunities. But the city has the warmth and friendliness of a small town and additionally affords breathtakingly beautiful views of Lake Michigan. And that there are many senior living communities in Chicago just adds to the appeal of the city. Like any city, there are some parts that you do not want to go to but the Chicago Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and White Sox are always fun to watch. Chicago does have an NHL team too.

A Place for You
Whether you are searching for a community for yourself or a loved one, you will find that there are plenty of such comfortable and well-equipped places in Chicago. What is more, there is also one that will let you live a life of your choice; there are both independent living community as well as assisted living communities in Chicago. The latter are especially suitable for those elderly persons who are suffering from memory disorders and may find it difficult to go about their daily routines without help. For instance, you can look around for assisted living facilities in and around 60008 and some like the retirement community at Hawthorn Lakes also accept long term care insurance. Again, there are senior care communities especially for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in and around 60077.

Superb Prices
There are also many other 55+ communities around Chicago that provide comfortable lodging facilities. For instance, there are some 60090 senior care communities that offer services for extremely reasonable monthly rates.

A Magnificent Ending
Apart from the above-mentioned locations, there are other such communities all throughout Chicago where you or a loved one can spend his or her sunset years in comfort and under special care.

Living Options for Seniors with Mesothelioma

Assisted Living CareAfter receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis, patients and their families must decide where the patient should live while receiving care. Some patients prefer to stay in their own homes throughout the entire process, traveling to hospitals for treatment and hiring home health aides when they need assisted care. Other patients require round-the-clock symptom management and prefer inpatient living arrangements with 24-hour access to a medical staff.

Patients may choose their living arrangement based on the severity of symptoms, progression of their disease, overall condition or other similar factors. Mesothelioma symptoms often intensify over time, so patients may need to change their arrangement over the course of their cancer. If their current care provider can still meet their expanding needs with the addition of a few new services, patients may also prefer to stay where they are and simply increase their care package.

After receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis, patients and their families must decide where the patient should live while receiving care. Some patients prefer to stay in their own homes throughout the entire process, traveling to hospitals for treatment and hiring home health aides when they need assisted care. Other patients require round-the-clock symptom management and prefer inpatient living arrangements with 24-hour access to a medical staff.

Patients may choose their living arrangement based on the severity of symptoms, progression of their disease, overall condition or other similar factors. Mesothelioma symptoms often intensify over time, so patients may need to change their arrangement over the course of their cancer. If their current care provider can still meet their expanding needs with the addition of a few new services, patients may also prefer to stay where they are and simply increase their care package.

In-Home Care
In-home care is ideal for patients who only need basic medical attention or assistance with a few personal responsibilities. Nurses can come on a daily basis, or they may space out their visits if the patient already has family and friends acting as caregivers.

Home health aides can help patients with their activities of daily living. These include:

  • Showering
  • Toileting
  • Getting dressed
  • Driving
  • Eating/meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping

Home health care providers may also offer companionship and emotional support to mesothelioma patients through this trying time. However, most home nurses cannot provide advanced medical care, so patients requiring extensive symptom management may wish to consider a more comprehensive inpatient program.

Inpatient Care
Mesothelioma patients also have several inpatient care options. Patients who do not wish to pursue advanced medical care may consider assisted living facilities. This living option allows patients to stay in a specially designed community where caregivers can provide palliative care and personal care services. Patients receive 24-hour emergency monitoring and have access to community activities, but they generally do not receive any advanced medical care.

Terminally ill mesothelioma patients may consider inpatient hospice care as well.  Patients can obtain these services at basic hospitals, Medicare or Medicaid facilities or even designated inpatient hospice programs. Inpatient hospice care is typically provided for a shorter period of time than outpatient hospice care, although it provides most of the same palliative end-of-life services.

There are multiple options for mesothelioma patients seeking care assistance, whether at home or an inpatient facility with round-the-clock care. The key to finding the right one for you is taking the time to research your options, visit potential facilities, speak with caregivers, and ask as many questions as necessary to feel  comfortable with your decision.

Author bio: Faith Franz researches and writes about health-related issues for The Mesothelioma Center. One of her focuses is living with cancer.