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Retirement Communities

A retirement community, or adult active community, is a generic term that covers a variety of housing options designed for those who no longer work or are above a certain age. Unlike a retirement home, which is typically a single structure; a retirement community can be a series of buildings and complexes with common social areas. Many retirement communities are designed specifically for this purpose by catering to the desires of seniors with things such as tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools.

Sometimes a retirement community might have age restrictions, requiring at least one member of the household to be over the age of 55. Typically retirement communities are built in warm climates such as Florida, Arizona and California. But, more and more often they are being built within or near large metropolitan areas. Several states have even established certified retirement community programs to encourage economic development geared towards senior citizens who have retired.

As with any senior living option, make sure to plan ahead of time. The best bet is to look around while you are still healthy, and save up money while you can. Many retirement communities are expensive to gain entry, and may cost monthly fees as well.

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